Yay! A Recipes Hackfest..

All of the post on this blog were centered around something being developed in Recipes, So this post would be the first one of its kind about a hackfest I attended..

The Recipes hackfest was held from Feb 28th, 2018 to Mar 2nd, 2018 at Amikom University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  Well, there was an outreach event on Feb 27th which I didn’t make it on time. Here are the few glimpses..

There are two apps centered around the food – Recipes by GNOME and Cooking by Endless. Recipes has all its content that is contributed by its users while Cooking by Endless has the content taken from wikiHow which makes it a read only app for the users. The agenda of the hackfest was to make the most out of the two apps sharing technologies that these apps use.

We started with a Recipes demo describing what all it has and how it functions followed by the a demo on Cooking app. I got to learn quite a new things about Endless knowledge lib, that Endless uses data models, constructing shards to contain data, Endless “ingestor” and quite a things.

On the next day, we started with Emmanuele  explaining Emues (UI cards) with the demo which we can use in Recipes instead of GtkBoxes. This is based on the Cassowary constraint solving algorithm.

All of this followed by hacking sessions. Creating shards on Recipes data and using it in UI of another Endless app and the demos of the same by Martin and Philip.

Apart from the technical aspects, there was discussion about how to get Indonesian Recipes and about getting them in local language which would provide ease to the local people in contributing recipes, and then going about translation from the local language to English.

And here are some glimpses from the Hackfest itself..

Thanks to Matthias for taking the initiative for making this happen. Many Thanks to Emel, Philip, Martin, Emmanuele, Cosimo, Jonathan, Umang, Ahmad, Kukuh and Siska and Matthias again for making it so productive and fun.  Also many thanks to GNOME Foundation for sponsoring this.