Sending the Ingredient List to Todoist

A milestone. After placing the UI elements in place, came the real functionality which was to send the ingredients list from Recipes to Todoist.

We’re using REST Apis of Todoist with Librest  to make calls from Recipes. The responses are processed using JsonGlib. In the process that has a description that small, I hit problems and got different error codes : Error code 401: Accidentally sending another provider’s access token with an api call, Error 400: caused by missing parameters / trying to add a JsonArray as a parameter to a RestProxyCall. Before these error codes came RestProxyCall throwing errors in terminal saying RestProxyCall can’t be reused which was caused by an attempt to make various calls using a single instance of RestProxyCall . Well getting past all these silly tiny things was fun. 😀

Here is the result to the fun and the work…  This is how it looks like …