But the control center still crashes..

In the last milestone, adding a TODOist provider to gnome-online-accounts looked like it had a bug which made the control-center crash. Here’s a brief description as to what happened :

  • Run the control center.
  • Add the TODOist account.
      • The dialog to enter the credentials opens.
      • If you cross the above step, it asks for permission to access resources from your account.
      • Granting the permissions, the accounts.conf file gets written and the account gets added.

    And BAM!! it crashes.

    Next time you run the control-center right away, the account would be there showing up all nice.

Hence we go to GDB to seek help about what’s the matter with gnome-online-accounts or control-center. Now GDB’s stack trace (which I’ve lost now and can’t reproduce due to some other graphics problems) pointed out some problem with the Intel graphics drivers which I obviously did not know as how to overcome.

Then in discussion with mclasen about this thing, he pointed out the workaround for the bug which was running control center with the prefix


and yay! it works now.  Now this had something to do with wayland backend creating some issues with Intel graphics drivers which I cannot really decode at the moment ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And closing this one with a realization I had after this bug:

“All software has bugs, and a working system is just one where most bugs are not triggered too frequently” –mclasen