And the official coding period begins…

Hello there ! This is my first post about my GSoC project.

About Project

As the title says Sharing of shopping lists from Recipes to TODOist which is self explanatory.


There would be addition of minute details as and when the steps gets implemented. The implementation is basically divided into two steps.

  1. Implement gnome-online-accounts Provider for TODOist. (Along with that taking care of the fact that Recipes being non-core app,if isn’t installed, this implementation doesn’t end up having TODOist account that serves no purpose)

  2.  Implement sending shopping list/s from Recipes to TODOist along with sync in the deletion of items

    Onto the implementation of step one. I am digging my way through gnome-online-accounts to write a TODOist provider. Stay tuned for more details! 😉